Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Looking Back on 2010

Hi Stacey!

There is something about the week between Christmas and New Years that I just love.  The hectic-ness of Christmas is over, but yet the holiday is still lingering in the air.  The decorations are still up, but with new, unwrapped gifts under the tree.  The good feelings of sharing with family and friends hangs around for the week.  It is the week you can sit back and reflect on Christmas and enjoy the new memories shared with loved ones.  It is also the week the current year comes to a close and we look into a new year to follow.  As I sit and think about 2010, I can't help but remember how we instantly connected with our health journey. 

Its hard to believe we have been friends less than a year. Just this summer we both experienced our first IV antibiotic treatment and first PICC lines...within a week of each other.  We shared the emotions that came with facing a disease that we were previously both able to classify as "minor."  You where there for me as I worried about the significance of my treatment.  You listened when I needed a friend the most.  You understood.  You where going through the same thing.  You where feeling the same emotions. We become Soul Cysters. 

As we look to this new year, we will both continue to manage our health and emotions.  CF will always be there, always need attention, always require maintenance.  Knowing there are others who understand makes it a little easier.  Knowing others who can relate to the complications in my life makes it a little more manageable.  It is not fair that anyone have to face these conditions.  But I feel so blessed to have a friend like you, when in reality, our friendship is made possible my CF. 

Happy New Year!