Monday, July 5, 2010


Stacey and Colleen where first introduced by fellow CFer Josh, because he felt we had too much in common to not know each other. The fact that we have a lot in common is an understatement. From our symptoms to our emotions to our worries to our outlook on life, we truly have so much in common...and so much to talk about. This was further emphasized when Colleen learned Stacey was to receive her first IV antibiotic treatment within a week of Colleen beginning her first IV antibiotic treatment. We have found comfort in sharing our experience and have been talking ever since. Stacey and Colleen have become Soul Cysters.

Discovering just how much we had in common, we have realized we have more to talk about then we can possibly imagine. This forum is for us to share our stories with each other. Within this blog we will both be blogging on the same topic. It is our way of sharing our stories with each other. It is our way of documenting our lives, how we are the same and discovering areas where we are different. There is so much to say, it's worth blogging, it's worth preserving, and it's worth sharing.

Stacey and Colleen

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  1. Love seeing this. Colleen - looking forward to getting to know you, since I am a long time friend of Stacey's.