Friday, July 23, 2010

When to ask for meds... a question I always struggle with. It's hard to judge my "normal" cough with an increased-we-have-a-problem-cough. Generally, the only time I need meds is after catching a cold. It always ends up in my chest with lots of coughing, especially at night. Ok, that is easy to judge. But after being on IVs my lungs are so clear, looking back I realized maybe my lungs needed these meds long ago and I just didn't realize it. So now what? Freak out at any little cough and call up the doctor? Probably not that extreme, but I think I have to be honest with myself in understanding that I may need antibiotics more than before. Not because I am sicker, but because I should of been on them regularly all along. I am more educated now. But the question still will I know? Can I trust myself to know?

I think you have a good plan. Regular clinic visits. Discuss your syptoms with the doctor, gauge your lungs with regular PFT results. Aggressive care is good, but really assess when you need treatment. Don't think about how often others with CF are on meds; make the judgement based on your own body.

This Sunday will mark my third week off IVs. I am still feeling good: clear lungs and clear sinuses. With everyday I am hopeful to have at least one more day feeling good. I'm sorry you had a change in symptoms. How are the new meds?

Stay strong,


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