Saturday, July 10, 2010

Re: PICC is Gone

Hey Colleen ~

It's gone? Just like that? Did it bleed a ton when it came out? I have an appointment on Wednesday. I'm going to do a PFT and we'll decide what to do. I am actually hoping its gone by the following week. I really want to take a couple day trip with the family and it would be a bummer to have to take care of it out of town. I think mentally I want to keep the PICC for what it symbolizes, but physically, I will be happy when it's gone.

I have been trying to be kind to myself. I got a mani/pedi today and ate a Twix bar...YUM! I feel like I'm allowing myself little pleasures to make up for the stress that this has caused over the past weeks.

I just posted a blog about strangers reactions to my PICC. I would love to hear what your experiences were over the past couple weeks. I didn't mention this in my blog, but today at the mall I had the cashier at Justice ask me what was going on with my arm. She was curious, because she is going to nursing school. I was honored that she asked, but embarrassed when I told her. I did the whole "It's no big deal" thing. It's just a little lung disease, nothing horrible. I think this is my reflex response in an attempt to spare other people's feelings. It IS a horrible disease and the treatments ARE a big deal. I just can't say it out loud. Maybe then I would have to admit it to myself... Do you ever react like this???

I'm so proud of you, that you made it through the treatments and are back to "normal"!

Hugs ~

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