Saturday, July 10, 2010

PICC is Gone


Yes, sadly, Thursday afternoon I had to say goodbye to my PICC. I had a follow up visit with my clinic. The doctor thought I was doing well and she did not see the need to continue with treatments. When she proceeded to say I could have to PICC pulled, my first reaction was to just say no, I want to keep it. Please don't take it away yet. But I knew there was no logic there. I asked if I need an appointment to have it pulled and when she said no, they could do it right here at clinic, I felt unprepared. Like I need more advanced notice. But, knowing it was time, I took a few deep breaths and within seconds, the line was out. Good-bye. Now that it is gone, I have become thankful to have my arm back...I can take a normal shower, sleep on my left arm, and I'm back to water aerobics!

Stacey, I know life is busy and I have a funny visual of you in the grocery store finishing off your IVs, but I hope you can find time to relax and heal. I only had one infusion a day that took about an hour, the rest was all push medications that only take about 10 minutes. Try to give yourself one treatment a day that you can have to yourself. To enjoy your time. Read a book, watch a move, write a blog.


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