Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Love of the PICC

Stacey, like you I am having a Love/Love relationship with my PICC. As horrified as I was to have it placed and as hard as it was emotionally to accept I now needed IV antibiotics, I have found a comfort with the PICC. I am use to it. I love how I can get blood drawn from it. But even more so, now that my treatment has come to an end, I am finding I don't want to have the line pulled.

Its hard to explain. I have found a comfort to having the PICC and using IV antibiotics. Maybe I am going through some weird withdraw, but I actually miss administering my IV meds. It was a comfort. Knowing I was receiving powerful medications was a security I never felt before. I used the time being hooked up to IVs as relaxing time. Reading, blogging, movies, baseball...it was my time. My time to heal. It reminds me of a poster I saw at the infusion center the day I had my line placed..."Quite, you are now entering a healing environment." I carried that message with me. My IV time was my healing environment. It's powerful. I don't want to lose it.

*side note* That t-shirt I am wearing is a comfort shirt as well, it's my security blanket. I've had it since 1992. It is a Beasite Boys t-shirt. I feel so comfortable when I am wearing it. I immediately put it on after returning home from having my PICC placed.

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